Safe Web surfing for children:

 fragFINN is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to protecting children and young people, promoting education and supporting consumer protection in the multimedia arena. 

It encourages the dissemination of child-appropriate content and brings together suitable Internet resources that help children develop into responsible adults and active members of their communities. fragFINN’s goal is to provide a secure place for children to surf the Web and to protect them from inappropriate content. This protected space on the Web is based on a whitelist − an extensive list of child-appropriate websites, spanning a wide range of topics, that have been content checked by media educators. For example, a special search engine for children has been developed that screens out inappropriate content.

In addition to developing and maintaining a whitelist of unobjectionable sites, this nonprofit organization is seeking to develop, organize and operate an Internet portal for children and young people and to promote resources that help them become more media-literate. This safe space for surfing the Web has been in existence since the end of 2007. It was created in cooperation with other companies in the information and telecommunications sector under the auspices of the German federal government’s “Network for children” initiative.

Further information is available at fragFINN