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Get it now, pay later − that’s what many customers want today. But as the number of online transactions increases all over the world, handling payment flows is becoming more and more complicated. Another factor is that people are more likely to buy on credit, which is driving up consumer debt. All of this means that it is essential to take a foresighted and efficient approach to risk and accounts-receivable management.

arvato offers a wide variety of financial services for integrated commercial customer support and risk-related decisions that help to safeguard payment flows during every stage of the customer life cycle.

In short: We provide every service connected with payment flows − from risk assessment to the debt accrual to issuing and processing invoices. Finally, we offer claim protection and prefinancing, post payments, and collect outstanding debts. 

An overview of our financial services:

  • Risk management: B2C credit information, scorecard creation, data pools, and risk management solutions
  • Billing and payment: billing, accounting, and payment solutions
  • Finance and accounting: B2C and B2B factoring as well as accounts-receivable, accounts-payable, asset, and general accounting
  • Collection: debt collection/accounts-receivable management, highly automated workflow solutions, and individualized debt collection strategies
  • Industry-specific solutions and financial services for commercial customer support, in particular for the mail-order/e-commerce, credit services, insurance, energy, transportation, and healthcare sectors, as well as the public sector

We offer financial services like no other, because we design efficient and integrated financial solutions that make our customers highly successful all over the world.

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