About us

Arvato provides a complete range of financial solutions for clients operating in national and international markets.

Present in more than 21 countries, we have more than 6,000 staff for F&A BPO across over 40 delivery locations globally.

Drawing on more than 50 years of experience we enable our clients to meet their strategic goals, whether that means reducing costs, supporting expansion, increasing revenues or improving customer satisfaction.

Arvato offers a comprehensive range of F&A BPO solutions on both a customized and one-to-many basis, spanning from risk management, invoicing and payment processing, to collections, as well as fully integrated Finance & Accounting BPO and are flexibly structured to address multiple relationship types business-to-business, business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer in both traditional and online environments.

A unique approach to partnership

Our approach centers around building strategic partnerships, which are scalable and deliver value beyond operational savings. By collaborating with our clients we aim to create relationships which strengthen their non-core processes and enable them to drive innovation and excellence across the entire spectrum of their business functions. The length of our partnerships speaks volumes here with our average FAO relationship spanning 10 years.

Globally, we deliver intelligent applications and smart process-mapping technologies to increase efficiency, delivering a high degree of flexibility which enables us to further streamline and automate services as our client partnerships develop

Value beyond cost

Our approach delivers increased service levels through experienced people; flexible, standard processes through functional expertise; new levels of operational excellence through proven best practices and improved automation through advanced technology.

We take our clients to a higher competitive level, not only by reducing costs, but also by collaborating to strengthen processes and deliver innovation which can impact the entire spectrum of business functions.

Client Benefits

International network provides clients with a global service
Our global financial solutions delivery network offers clients access to global scale together with specialist knowledge of regional markets worldwide.

Gain a competitive edge by measurably improving both top and bottom line
We deliver value through our innovative client engagement model, the quality of our service delivery and a focus on delivering efficiencies

Achieve new levels of operational excellence
Access to best practice and improved automation through new technology can drive high levels of operational efficiencies.

Facts & Figures


In 2014 Arvato was positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Finance and Accounting BPO, reflecting the strength and continued global growth of Arvato’s F&A BPO services


Arvato processes more than 54.7 million invoices worth $45.5bn annually


Our Global BPO F&A relationship with Microsoft, covers 4 major lines of business that generate over 90% of the client’s global revenues.

Financial Solutions

Finance BPO

We offer integrated BPO services as part of Finance & Accounting and HR services, which can also be combined in a modular way with our service components of financing, protection against bad debt loss and collection.



We offer industry-specific solutions covering all aspects of accounts receivable management.  Ranging from highly automated, cost-optimized workflow solutions to collection strategies based on individual receivables.



An official payment method in Brazil that is regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank.  Similar to a wire transfer or csh payment method.  The east of use makes it great for customers who don't own a credit card or those who just prefer the security of online or cash payments.


Cash Application

As the leading service provider in payment processing, our financial solutions have connections with over 100 points of acceptance/banks.  Making it possible to process all commonly-used credit and debit crds, electronic direct debit, and sercure payment methods.