Create more scope for development and liquidity

Your customers provide you with revenue – that sounds good. At the same time, customers' payment practices decline; for you, this results in extra time-consuming work and costs in addition to your normal administrative work such as invoicing, monitoring receipt of payments and booking payments. Keeping an eye on each payment deadline costs time and ties up human resources, which in turn costs money and reduces your profit.

Arvato Financial Solutions offers industry-specific solutions covering all aspects of accounts receivable management. The services we offer range from highly automated, cost-optimised workflow solutions to collection strategies based on individual receivables. In doing so, appropriately dealing with and approaching debtors on an individual basis using different media channels is always takes first priority. In order to maximise the rate of collection we employ every strategy from pre-judicial as well as judicial dunning processes provided by contract attorneys to long-term monitoring of receivables that are not legally enforceable over a period of up to 30 years. To enable you to concentrate fully on your core business, Arvato Financial Solutions’ qualified team of consultants is available to optimise your receivables management.

With qualified and motivated employees, broad industry experience and a state-of-the-art collection system we ensure that your non-performing receivables are processed to a high standard based on your individual requirements.

As a competent outsourcing partner in the labour and cost-intensive volume business of low- and high-value receivables, Arvato Financial Solutions has been operating successfully in the market for decades. The company’s highly-qualified employees ensure effective and timely dialogues with debtors. In order to optimise processes and measures for realising your valuable receivables, Arvato Financial Solutions uses state-of-the-art IT and intelligent segmentation procedures based on internal collection experience and external data and scoring systems. This allows you to learn from our experience in collection and benefit from the knowledge acquired in your overall customer management process.

Arvato Financial Solutions has an international network of collection branches at its disposal, enabling us to offer country-specific collection services and international BPO finance solutions, particularly in Europe and the US.

Reduce your costs and improve your results

Higher realisation rates for receivables – accelerated flow of liquidity

Differentiated collection strategies specifically developed for you generally lead to a significant increase in gross returns on your receivables

Furthermore, you will profit from faster liquidity cash flows, for example by saving time through automated address management.

Improved net earnings thanks to cost-optimised processes

Significantly higher net realisation through cost-optimised processes

We can help you significantly reduce your fixed costs. We also reduce processing costs through considerable economies of scale and intelligent management of cost-intensive measures.

Effective communication with your customers

By letter, fax, email, online or by telephone – workflow solutions designed to deal with high incoming volumes ensure effective and timely communication with your customers.

Stability & security

At Arvato Financial Solutions, we place particular emphasis on professionalism and integrity, dealing with customers fairly, demonstrating complete transparency towards our customers and ensuring data protection and data security.

Potential for optimising your in-house processes

You benefit from comprehensive analyses of your receivables portfolio based on decades of collection experience. This provides you with valuable information about optimising your risk, dunning or billing processes, for example.

Image protection & reputation management

We consider highly-trained and motivated employees the key to satisfactory handling of individual customer concerns. A wide range of legal specialists working for Arvato Financial Solutions ensure receivables are processed to a high standard of quality.

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