Arvato is one of the world’s largest customer service providers. Arvato operates more than 100 service centers throughout the world, providing individual support for over 350 million customers in over 35 languages.

Over the last few years, customer service has become a key element of each supply chain in order to communicate directly with the end consumer and to get feedback. Arvato has also recognized this development and has created solutions in order to be able to offer scalable, customized and fully integrated solutions.

Our systems are state-of-the-art and therefore provide efficient and professional integration of incoming telephone calls well as back and front desk services. By using innovative and cost-optimized applications we are able to offer our services flexibly and to an optmum standard of quality.  

Our services range from after sales management, complaint management, handling inbound and outbound calls, developing marketing campaigns as well as technical support.
We use classic communication channels as well as digital channels, such as social media in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Our employees are highly trained in order to ensure a high standard of quality and efficiency and provide the required level of service at all times.

Information changes. Our love for it doesn't. Using our unique holistic approach, we create the world of product-related information, goods and services our clients need for their brands. For us, content is king; be it marketing, technical or corporate, we passionately create, manage, translate, procure and distribute it digitally and physically for our partners in the High Tech and Corporate Information Management Industries. 

Arvato has an international network of service locations, if requested in industrial or transition countries. From these locations Arvato can take over complete processes as a BPO service provider, which can range from data capture, data checking and data maintenance, credit checks to the enrichment of data records. Arvato can also create internet portals for entering end customer data.


Overview of our services:

  • Order reception
  • Various locations in industrial or transition countries
  • Development of webpages for auto-entry of orders
  • Master data capture and maintenance
  • New product launches and deactivation of products (processes for all product lifecycles)

In order to maintain this working environment, Arvato has a team of specialists who ensure compliance with these legal standards thanks to their regular training and proven track record in this area. These experts support in all areas where compliance, trade and tax expertise is necessary.

This includes evaluating new and existing business models, internal and external training as well as liaising with a wide range of authorities and other organizations. As part of the Value Stream Management the Trade & Compliance department is responsible for ensuring that import and export processes run smoothly and that other processes and customs procedures are compliant with legal standards.

Inventory management is a key part of supply chain management. We as Arvato can help you and your organization increase your service level while optimizing the inventory cost structure.

Services we offer for our clients are:

  • Forecasting
  • Demand planning
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Purchasing & supplier management
  • Transferring the products to our books
  • Master data management
  • Lot, batch and serial number management and tracking

All of these modular elements are fully integrated into our global SAP system. Together with our customers we are defining the right targets to aim for in terms of service or inventory level. We are also able to coordinate your service providers and suppliers, while at the same time purchasing the products and transferring them into our books.

Especially in the retail environment but also in other branches of industy it is important tool to ensure that your customers are not running out of your products to avoid losing sales. Here we offer an automatic ordering and replenishment process (Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI) in which the inventories are monitored and managed throughout the supply chain.Within our SAP system we manage all logistically relevant master data. This also includes monitoring lot, batch and serial numbers throughout the entire distribution process.