RMA is a solution that Arvato offers thinking of the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided to our customer, and in turn, the achievement of full satisfaction of his customers. We perform procedures according to the standard rules related to devolution processes of in warranty commercialized products of our customers.

The end customer ships defective material to Arvato aiming to obtain a replacement or repair of it with all costs reverted to the supplier, in this case, Arvato's customer. 

Every Industry has its own characteristics and requirements. The same is true of the high-tech and entertainment industry, which is known to have specific and challenging characteristics:

  • High product values
  • Short product cycles as a result of the rapid pace of technological progress
  • Highly competitive markets and therefore high variation in demand
  • Major product launches and related high business seasonality
  • High logistics requirements, also with regard to trade and compliance at competitive costs

arvato's industry experts are strategically located in key regions worldwide and can therefore work with you  to develope a tailor-made and scalable solution to meet your specific needs, noth inside and outside your core markets.

Our broad range of services covers the entire forward and reverse logistic supply chain for B2B, B2C and mutli channel solutions.

arvato's capabilities in terms of quality, flexibility, compliance and cost-efficiency can help you manage your growing  requirements, creating sustainability and value for your supply chain.

We understand the specific requirements of the industry and have the experience and knowledge to deliver leading solutions along your supply chain.