Arvato is an internationally active services company. Its approximately 30,000 employees in nearly 30 countries develop and implement innova-tive solutions for business customers from around the world. These include SCM solutions, financial services and IT services. We continuously develop our solutions, with a focus on innovations in automation and da-ta/analytics.

Globally renowned companies from a wide variety of industries - from tel-ecommunications providers and energy providers to banks and insurance companies, e-commerce, IT and Internet providers – rely on Arvato's portfolio of solutions.

Arvato is a division of Bertelsmann.

Facts & figures

Arvato is… 30,000 people around the world and countless services for customers from all over the world.



Our top management works with our employees to engineer solutions for our customers – actively, with focus and great passion.


Locations worldwide

We are right where our customers need us – in almost 30 countries on all continents.



We measure entrepreneurial success not only by economic indicators, but also by how sustainable and responsible our conduct is.



More than 175 years ago, Carl Bertelsmann established a lithographic press in Gütersloh, thereby laying the cornerstone for our current and future activities.



Our customers’ success is our greatest priority. If, on top of this, our performance wins recognition from official bodies we are, of course, delighted.