Alternative: “Quick User”

The steps listed above apply to applicants who want to use the full functionality of the PCP. You can also apply online as a “Quick user.” No registration is necessary in this case. Click the “Apply online” link at the bottom directly in the job listing and choose the “Quick user” option on the PCP homepage.

Please note: As a “quick user,” you can only use the PCP on a limited basis, and you will not be able to save application templates, check the status of your application or activate the job agent.


Frequently asked questions from our applicants

How do I send an unsolicited application to Arvato? Is it possible to track the status of my application? We’ve compiled the answers to these and other frequently asked questions here.

What documents should be included with the application?

Please make sure you submit your fully completed application documents, including:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • (Training) certificates
  • When appropriate, any letters of reference and internship certificates

How does an unsolicited application work?

You can use your PCP access to send us unsolicited applications at any time using Bertelsmann’s online application form. Please select Arvato as the “Product line” and, if possible, enter the business segment you’re interested in.

How do I apply for multiple positions?

Please send a separate application for each job. You can, of course, use your saved application template from the PCP, even if you want to apply to us again at a later date.

How does the Job Agent work?

Once you’ve logged onto the PCP, select the “Job agent” tab on the navigation bar at the top. Enter the company, job area, country and location to further refine your search criteria. You can also decide how often you’d like to be informed of suitable jobs and whether you’d prefer to be contacted by text or email.

Please note: the job agent will only start searching for suitable jobs if you activate it (Activate job agent? Yes/no).

How can I track the status of my application?

To do this you’ll need to have created a Personal Career Planner (PCP) account and applied online with us. Once you’ve logged onto the PCP, the “Application status” link can be found on the navigation bar at the top.

What happens after the application phase?

How the application process progresses depends on the job and Business Unit you’ve selected. First, applicants are preselected from all available applications. If we are interested in your application, you’ll either receive an invitation to attend a telephone interview or to come in for an on-site interview directly.

Depending on the job, you may have to perform a test task on-site or in preparation for the interview. A second meeting with other contacts from the respective division is sometimes scheduled following the initial interview. 

Should you have additional questions about the application process, please see the websites of our Business Units or send us an email at

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