Industry at a Glance

The media and entertainment sector is undergoing radical change, and digitization is the magic word. But the path to the digital future will be an arduous one. New technologies and distribution models have to be developed, and safety requirements and regulatory conditions have to be met. Whether it’s for the games, video and audio industry for TV networks or book-, newspaper- oder magazine publishers: The digital age holds many challenges – and many opportunities.

In addition to traditional media and their sales channels, there is an increasing demand for innovative products, digital distribution channels and hybrid business models. The challenge lies in successfully interconnecting analog and digital systems.


Arvato offers a broad portfolio for the entire entertainment and media sector (games, video, audio, TV, publishing). Across the globe, we serve our customers at the highest level of quality. Arvato is a market leader when it comes to integrated solutions along the entire value chain, both in the digital world and in physical production and distribution. We offer unique, integrated solutions for the entertainment and media industry, including the following: