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Public institutions are in a state of radical change. Demographic change, a shortage of skilled employees, budget consolidation, technological change, and the modernization of public administration processes are just a few of the challenges they are currently facing. Public administration also has to be made more people-friendly and service-oriented.

Yet how can federal and state governments, cities and communities reach these goals while also meeting the increasing demands of its citizens and the economy? The answer lies in modernizing public administration using modern control models and e-government.

The main task of public administration is to solve political and social problems. Our services help them do this efficiently and effectively.

Integrated services for the public sector

Arvato has years of experience as a service provider at the interface between our customers and members of the public. With integrated solutions for the public sector, we assist you in making administrative business processes more effective and efficient. Arvato combines its extensive expertise in the private sector with the special requirements of the public sector, implementing customized solutions for communities, state and federal authorities, and public associations. Our services span the range from civic communication and financial services to IT systems. What we offer:

  • Modern e-government solutions
  • IT
  • Management of public information offices
  • Operation of multimedia service centers
  • Settlement, receivables management, document management
  • Consultation