Industry at a Glance

The markets of telecommunications providers are changing just as rapidly as customer demands. Media and technology continue to grow closer together, while a constant stream of new competitors crowds the market. Telecommunications companies must keep extremely close to the market, constantly deliver innovations to their customers, and position themselves with new services.

Omni-channel marketing, wearable devices, mobile services, cloud computing - innovative pressure in the telecommunications sector is high. With us at their side, providers benefit from efficient, flexible solutions and more than 25 years of industry expertise.

Mobile challenges, new opportunities

The convergence of media and technology is leading to new products, service offers and business models. Arvato is the key service provider for a host of international providers and manufacturers – and we feel right at home in this market of the future. We support you in the digital transformation process and help you target consumers through multiple channels. Telecommunications providers can immediately respond to new market needs and directly address end customers – all while benefitting from optimal processes, low costs, new revenue opportunities, and top-quality service that ensures higher customer satisfaction. What we offer:

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Data cleansing, maintenance and analysis
  • Omni-channel customer communication and marketing campaigns
  • Financial services
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions (including packaging, distribution and repair)
  • IT solutions
  • Additional services such as music subscriptions, supplementary applications, design foils for mobile devices, international rights management, etc.
  • And more