April 22, 2015 | News

The joyful Arvato story of a perfect brand experience

Every step of the way, Arvato provides the best-possible experience for your customers, turning them into loyal fans.

Susi receives a personalized catalog from an online shop for shoes in the mail. It’s been sent to her because Arvato knows from Customer Insights that she is interested in a new pair of shoes.
Because the catalog is tailored to her tastes, it doesn’t take long for Susi to find the world’s most fabulous pair of shoes. She decides to order them online right away.
In the online shop – created by Arvato – she quickly finds the shoes of her dreams, still loves them and immediately clicks on the buy button. Meanwhile, Arvato runs an instant credit check, so that Susi can choose from a variety of payment options that are convenient for her and safe for the dealer. As soon as she has paid, her loyalty card is credited with bonus points.
Because Arvato also handles the logistics, the order is quickly delivered to her home. Full of anticipation, she opens the package and tries on her new shoes – but unfortunately they are one size too large. After her initial disappointment, she immediately calls the shop’s friendly customer hotline – which is operated by Arvato.
Naturally, returning the shoes is not a problem, and it isn’t long before she receives the package containing the shoes in the correct size.
A perfectly shod Susi is now ready to party – and that’s the one thing Arvato won’t be able to help her with!