Healthcare Postponement

Packing, repacking and labelling

Arvato’s central warehouse offers the necessary flexibility for reduced stock under the official licence related to packing, repacking, and labelling medicinal products (guidelines 2001/83/EC). Products are stored in a country-neutral condition, and just before shipment are provided with country-specific labels (e.g. Bollini) and package inserts by specially trained personnel in a strictly isolated, temperature and access-controlled area. 

Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the synchronisation of the postponement solutions with existing processes in the areas of logistics, sales, production or transport. Arvato´s serialisation solutions are also available under the Falisified Medicines Directive.

By combining serialisation and late state finishing in the warehouse, larger, optimized batches can be produced and the number of different packages for different countries reduced drastically, thus reducing the costs of keeping large volumes of various packaging materials on stock. At the same time Arvato serves a high fluctuation. 

Of course we also help medical technology manufacturers to increase the flexibility of their stock, reduce costs, and react more quickly to demands made by the market or their clients. This includes, for example, intelligent kitting or print-on-demand solutions for information accompanying each product such as instruction manuals. 


We take great pride in our quality. That is why all our repacking and labelling processes take place in compliance with strict standards in special, access-controlled areas.

Carsten Thiemt, Head of Quality, Arvato Healthcare

Your benefits

Low stock levels

No differentiation between stock for specific countries in the warehouse

Rapid response times

Short-notice, country-specific labelling based entirely on market demand


The best conditions for central European distribution solutions

Labelling and repackaging are our daily business. Find out more about our operation processes in this video. 

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