Customised and varied

An innovative check-up within 45 minutes

This extensive health check-up in the ‘Preventiometer’ already covers the most common employer’s liability insurance association examinations and offers a time-saving alternative to various separate examinations. It saves space by combining numerous functions in one device. Set up directly in the company, the innovative Preventiometer offers an ideal incentive to take part in the programme and wins people over in the long term by minimising downtime.

All examinations in one single device

All the vital parameters for recording a person’s state of health are determined on a virtual bicycle tour over 45 minutes. A medical assistant supervises the check-up. This data – including body weight, blood pressure, hearing and vision or also employees’ stress levels – are subsequently stored in the health cockpit in an anonymised form.

We are killing two birds with one stone – it’s appealing for employees and saves employers time.

Michael Jendges, site manager at arvato Cottbus



registrations in just three days

95 %

kept their first appointments in the pilot project. The Preventiometer is very well received and a great incentive to take part in the programme.

Your benefits

Easy to set up

The Preventiometer is set up directly in the company, where a medical assistant is there to ensure its smooth operation.


The device measures all the important vital parameters in only 45 minutes – and you save time and costs.


Plenty of incentive to take part in the programme with its futuristic design and diverse virtual cycling tour.

Occupational health management business solution