Patient service centre

Knowledgeable contact people at any time

Over 60 per cent of Internet users find out about diseases, therapies and health-related topics online. After all, you can’t always speak with your regular doctor straight away. But information found on the Internet is often of dubious quality. With the patient service centre, Arvato provides a knowledgeable contact person for all issues concerning indications and therapies, especially for chronically ill individuals. Within patient relationship management programmes, medically trained personnel, as well as doctors or pharmacists, help callers with all questions related to their condition, recommend new studies or meetings with other patients affected by the same condition, provide background information and tips about taking medications or, where the symptoms are serious, advise callers to see their doctors.

Your advantages

Knowledgeable contact people at any time

Individualised, reliable information available at short notice

Individualised communication

Target-group-friendly communication through all channels

Knowledge and skills

Medically trained employees