Medication management

Increased adherence and safety

Medication management that includes checks for interactions, provides support for patient counselling and helps reduce costs due to non-adherence. Building trust, showing understanding and conveying knowledge are the tools our medical employees use to achieve success in our care program. We enter into a dedicated, regular dialogue with the patient to identify any interactions and barriers to therapy and clear up any questions.

Prior analysis of available data makes it possible to predict possible behaviours, address patients better and help save on costs in the intervention. The management of the data always meets the strict privacy protection requirements for sensitive health data and helps optimally integrate taking medication into a patient’s daily routine. Using an app, medication, patient and insured party data can be made transparent at all times, and any drug interactions with newly prescribed medications can be displayed in seconds through scanning. A medication plan can be made available to patients online or by mail and discussed directly with the doctor.

Well-tested processes and infrastructure without having to sacrifice individuality: arvato bases the structure of the programme on you, your patients and insured individuals.

Dr. med Jens Härtel, Vice President

Your benefits

Increasing adherence to therapy

Avoiding additional costs due to non-adherence

Targeted, intensive consultation

Optimal identification and communication with desired patient groups using special algorithms


Low set-up costs and an attractive, success-dependent payment model

Medication management business solution