Use the customer insights services from Arvato Digital Marketing to control your regional and locational sales activities. Benefit from our analysis services to receive optimal support for your marketing and sales planning activities. The comprehensive market data from AZ DIAS, our audience targeting system that is unique in Germany, provides the basis for these services.

Our patented data protection system, Data SecureTTP, conveniently allows us and our customers to protect personal data from internal and external abuse or theft, while adhering to all statutory requirements. It also offers a number of truly unique opportunities.

Strong partner programmes like DeutschlandCard deliver added value to engender the customer loyalty that is key to success in your market.

Our expertise is your success!


Build valuable and lasting customer relationships

You can optimise your marketing and sales plans thanks to our versatile analysis services. The comprehensive market data available from AZ DIAS, our audience targeting system that is unique in Germany, provides the basis for these services.

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Business Intelligence

Location planning, market analysis and more

Benefit from the comprehensive market data offered by AZ DIAS, our unique audience targeting system.  Obtain meaningful geo-data from our street and building directories. Prestigious market research institutes are included in our partner network. Our expertise complements their insight. And our patented data protection system offers you unique opportunities.

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Targeting Services

Find out what moves your customers

Our services enable you to identify the characteristics of your (potential) customers with the greatest possible precision. Or choose the easy option and use one of our pre-defined target groups for particular areas of interest.

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The multi-partner bonus programme to increase frequencies and acquire new customers

DeutschlandCard is Germany's second-largest multi-partner loyalty programme. It delivers cross-channel and inter-industry customer insights that help you engender long-term loyalty in your customers, to become more efficient in recruiting new customers and effective in the development of your current customer base.

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