Environmental Guidelines

The Environmental Guidelines provide a framework for all Arvato enterprises. A systematic approach to environmental reporting throughout the company ensures consistent implementation and documentation.


It is central to the philosophy of Arvato that every employee should feel responsible for protecting the environment as well as for seeking to promote the company’s economic success. To that end, we make every effort to promote and expand further training for our personnel. We commit ourselves and our employees to act in an environmentally responsible way, and not simply to comply with environmental laws and guidelines. One of our responsibilities is to introduce and maintain an effective environmental management system in every relevant division of the company.

Acting for the future

Arvato complies with social norms and values and respects the personhood of every one of our employees. We keep our employees and the interested public informed about the environmental impacts associated with our activities, including those of individual sites. We attach great importance to the sustainable development of our businesses. This includes analyzing and assessing any aspect that may be relevant to the environment before we introduce new products and processes. We are therefore able to offer our customers innovative technologies and customized solutions in all of our areas of activity, without losing sight of our high standards for environmental protection.

Together with customers and suppliers

The standards for the behavior of our employees internally also apply to our relationships with customers and suppliers. We work with them to solve problems in a way that is economically successful as well as environmentally friendly. We also select contractual partners and suppliers in accordance with our company’s environmental standards. Environmentally relevant aspects are becoming increasingly important in the advice we offer our customers.


The goal of corporate management is to optimize the use of raw materials, energy and water in our activities, and to minimize the resulting environmental impacts in the form of air emissions, wastewater contamination and waste materials. Moreover, the management of Arvato and all of its affiliated companies is making every effort to prevent accident-related emissions. If such an event should occur, however, our employees have been trained on how to respond, and rules of conduct are in place to ensure that any damage results in only minimal environmental impacts.

Transparency and dialogue

Cooperation with government agencies and relevant groups in society is a regular part of the work of Arvato and its member companies. Today and in the future, we will make sure that our work is transparent and will discuss it openly with our partners. This willingness to engage in dialogue is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. In addition, we offer all of our member companies the opportunity for a review of their environmental activities and services under a neutral certification arrangement.

Binding nature and updating of these guidelines

These guidelines are binding for all employees of Arvato and of its member companies. If portions of these guidelines should no longer be adequate or applicable, the parties involved are to reformulate them as necessary in the context of the regular review.


In the future, too, the activities of Arvato and its member companies will be characterized by constant efforts to enhance climate protection within the company. Environmental protection and the sustainable use of all resources will continue to play an important role in our conversations and negotiations with customers and suppliers. In this context, we make every effort to encourage our partners to work toward the sustainable protection of our environment. Our commitment to protecting the resources on which all of our lives depend goes far beyond what is required by law. This is not only in keeping with our vision of sustainable development, but reflects society’s growing awareness that we want to leave the earth to future generations in a livable condition.