One service provider, many services

Global financial markets are extremely dynamic. Financial products are subject to constant changes, and regulatory and legal guidelines are increasing in number. Plus, there are always new service and communications channels to be served. All of these factors present great challenges for the banking industry, which has to react quickly and innovatively.

In such a market environment, the companies that have the competitive edge are those that advise their clients quickly, comprehensively and individually on the basis of current information and resources. Relevant information and excellent customer communication are becoming strategic factors for market success.

The classic USPs are becoming less and less important, and digitization is changing payment transaction methods and branch businesses. For banks, a stringent customer focus and innovative services are becoming increasingly vital.

Individual services for complex products

Arvato is a leading provider of advertising materials logistics and procurement. We supply a number of notable banks with a full range of services along the marketing supply chain – from procurement advertising materials to packaging and distribution. We also plan and implement customized dialogue campaigns and customer loyalty campaigns. Our customer service centers support end customers in a wide variety of languages. And we are available around the clock, when required. Brief overview of our services:

  1. User-friendly, web-based CRM programs make it possible to compile information as required and to access them digitally and/or physically at any time.
  2. Flexible advertising materials and resources give you more room to maneuver.
  3. Thanks to knowledge-based information and marketing logistics, the most current information can also be retrieved quickly and consistently within the company.
  4. On the basis of integrated web-to-print solutions, CI-compatible information and communication materials can also be created on an international level.