Social commitment

We see ourselves as a part and partner of the society we live in. As a company with many locations worldwide, we recognize the importance of providing rapid assistance at the local level – right where it’s needed and without unnecessary red tape.

Promoting education and media literacy

Many of our services are relevant to the fields of education, media literacy and digitalization. We want to use our skills and experience in these areas to make a contribution to society. One way we are doing this is through special initiatives for young people. Children should learn to make sensible use of the Internet, mobile technology and media – and this is best learned in an interactive way. That’s why we’re involved in creating a protected online surfing space for children. We also support the newspaper project “Klasse!” aimed at improving young people’s reading and writing skills. 

Providing rapid disaster relief

The major earthquake and tsunami in Japan, flooding in Southeast Asia, or famine in Africa – natural catastrophes shock the world, again and again. Such events often have devastating consequences for those affected by them, especially in less-affluent regions. We’ve made it our business to provide quick relief without unnecessary red tape.