Our CR strategy: Think globally, act locally

With our various initiatives and projects, we want to do our part toward tackling the social challenges of the future. This is an ambitious goal – and one we can only reach together with our employees, our customers and the public. The Values and Guidelines of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA outline the values that guide us and the principles we are bound to for lawful and ethical business practices. 

As an international company with more than 300 locations worldwide, our involvement in local programs is especially important to us. We strongly believe that we can achieve the most when we are aware of what is happening around us. So we encourage our employees to get involved in their communities and support local aid initiatives.

Regular donations from the individual Arvato companies

Whether they are doing it in place of giving Christmas gifts or because they are passionate about the project or organization, the individual Arvato companies regularly support projects or institutions, either locally or in other regions. “Giving hope instead of gifts” has become a traditional catchphrase, especially around the holidays. Instead of giving Christmas gifts, Arvato companies regularly encourage their clients to participate in an annual fund-raising campaign. Arvato has also developed a tradition of giving back to the regions where they are based.

The following donations have been made so far:

  • Marianne von Weizsäcker Stiftung
  • Social facilities in Baden-Baden
  • SOS-Kinderdorf Ammersee-Lech
  • World Vision
  • Children for a better World
  • AWO, Caritas and Diakonie
  • Gütersloher Tafel
  • Münster’s local branch of the child protection association Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V.
  • Association “Heidi” in Wolfsburg

Locally strong: ErfolgsKreis-GT

The district (Kreis) of Gütersloh, headquarters of the Arvato, is one of the economically most successful districts in Northrhine-Westphalia.

Quality is very important in the district of Gütersloh. This is why many of the local companies have international reputation and export their products all over the globe.

pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH, the business development corporation for the district of Gütersloh, is among other things responsible for the regional marketing for the district of Gütersloh. As a local company Arvato supports this initiative. Learn more about ErfolgsKreis-GT on www.erfolgskreis-gt.de.

Children’s Hospice in Bethel

Mohn Media donates €15,000 for the new Children’s Hospice in Bethel, Bielefeld, which will be formally inaugurated in early May. The new Children’s Hospice will provide modern accommodations for ten severely ill children and teens, as well as their parents and siblings.

The building also has large common areas and provides adequate space for the necessary care facilities. The construction costs of €5 million are being financed exclusively from donations. Mohn Media donated €15,000 for the project.

Willfried Velte, Managing Director at Mohn Media, brought the check for €15,000 to the initiators in Bethel: “We are really pleased to be able to contribute to making this impressive project become a reality with this sum, which comes from our annual Christmas campaign,” Velte told Pastor Bernward Wolf as he presented the donation.

Debt counseling at Diakonisches Werk

The Arvato subsidiary Arvato Infoscore provides integrated financial services spanning everything from risk assessment and accounts receivables to debt collection.

Since August 2009, Arvato Infoscore has been contributing 10,000 euros each year to fund the debt counseling program of Diakonisches Werk in the Baden-Baden/Rastatt region, which was established that same year. The specialist program seeks to uncover new ways of dealing with debt and supplements existing resources. Two years later, the debt counseling program and Arvato Infoscore are very pleased with what they have accomplished. Accordingly, Arvato Infoscore will continue to extend its annual support for another three years.

By offering its expertise in dealing with debtors, it also actively demonstrates its commitment to addressing on-site social needs.

arvato Financial Solutions consciously chooses projects to support based on their relevance to society and geographical proximity. This is why we are contributing to the debt counseling program, both financially and through our extensive expertise. In this connection, arvato infoscore is seeking to expand on regular discussions with the employees of the local charity to find ways of helping clients get out of debt.

Wolfgang Hübner, Member of the Executive Board, arvato Financial Solutions

Customer Services sites support “Your project for…”

“Your project for…” is an initiative in which various Customer Services sites in Germany are striving to give something back to the people in their region. Since September 2011, the sites in Cottbus and Brandenburg have donated EUR 1,000 each month for social and charitable organizations.  Institutions, associations, social organizations and kindergartens from the region that need financial support for a specific project are eligible to benefit from this initiative.

In 2012 the sites in Cottbus and Brandenburg an der Havel supported more than 20 organizations in their region with over EUR 20,000. Examples include a four-year-old, physically disabled girl who received support toward costly dolphin-assisted therapy, children from Freundschaft daycare center in the town of Straupitz who were able to see their playground rebuilt after it was destroyed by a storm, and the young F1 Juniors soccer team of BSC South, who were delighted to receive new training uniforms and team jerseys.

Arvato also supports animals and their meaningful use in society. The company has made donations to Tierschutzverein Brandenburg und Umgebung e.V., Therapiehunde Brandenburg e.V., and the German Red Cross in Forst for its training of rescue dogs.

The successful initiative “Your project for…” is expected to continue over the coming years. Arvato seeks to assist a variety of institutions and social organizations that need financial support for specific purposes. Those interested may apply directly to the Arvato sites. The Arvato employees make the final decision on which projects to support.

“The good thing is that ‘Your project for Lusatia’ makes donations every month. This gives many institutions the chance to receive a donation of EUR 1,000,” says Michael Jendges, site manager at Arvato Cottbus and project manager for “Your project for Lusatia.”

The following institutions and organizations have received donations through the “Your project for…” initiative:

  • Telefonseelsorge Cottbus
  • Sallgaster Kinderlachen e.V.
  • Dornröschen daycare center
  • Deutsche Stammzellspenderdatei OST
  • Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Schule für Körperbehinderte Hoyerswerda e.V.
  • Friedrich Fröbel Kindergarten in Lusatia
  • German Red Cross association for rescue dogs in Forst (Lusatia)
  • “Skadower Blümchen” daycare center
  • “Waldkindergarten Kunersdorf”
  • Junior fire department in Groß Gaglow
  • “Freundschaft” daycare center
  • Dolphin-assisted therapy for four-year-old Martha Boas
  • The children’s outpatient hospice service of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V
  • Sandow volunteer firefighters
  • “Bummi” daycare center
  • Football team - F-Jugend of BSC Süd 05
  • Jugendhilfestation “Kisy”
  • FC Deetz e.V.
  • Förderverein Ra’anana e. V.
  • Tierschutzverein Brandenburg und Umgebung e. V.
  • pro-solvencia e. V.
  • Kita “Werderaner Früchtchen”
  • Domstift Brandenburg
  • Therapiehunde Brandenburg e. V.

The incredible story of Kroky: Art therapy for children with cancer

Four Bertelsmann companies − Medienfabrik Gütersloh, Arvato, Mohn Media and Bertelsmann AG − have helped to fund an ergotherapeutic project for children with cancer at the Evangelical Hospital in Bielefeld-Bethel.

The book “Die unglaubliche Geschichte von Kroky” (The incredible story of Kroky) tells the story of a little crocodile that is taken to a hospital for humans, far from his tropical homeland: Kroky is suffering from the rare crocodile-tear disease. In letters with abundant illustrations, the crocodile tells his parents about his exciting experiences in the hospital.

Photographs show 16 young patients, in the roles of doctors, paramedics, helicopter pilots and nurses, taking the crocodile – in the form of a papier-mâché model – to the hospital, and operating and providing care until he is healthy again and able to return home.

The book was designed by the Evangelical Hospital in Bielefeld. Bertelsmann companies provided the paper, processed the images and designed the cover, as well as printing and distributing the book. The sales proceeds were donated to the “Hand an Hand” (Hand in Hand) organization.