Arvato in Ireland

Our approach to developing business in Ireland has always involved working in close cooperation with local partners. One of our main partners for nearly 20 years has been the Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

Having grown largely around services addressing the needs of internet-based international blue-chip and IT/high-tech companies, Arvato has expanded into developing services to meet the needs of clients from other industries and support regional requirements. Today, our service offering is aimed at private and public sector clients operating both globally and locally.

While having started our business operation addressing the needs of international blue chip clients from the IT/High-tech-sector, Arvato soon realised that its best-in-class processes in the fields of supply chain and Finance management can be perfectly utilised to address the challenges that local businesses have in the Irish market.

Today we are a very active player in the Irish market, engaging in particular with companies from the utilities, banking and telecommunications sector as well with clients in the public sector.

We put your customers first

At Arvato our ambitions go far beyond making your customers happy. We aim to turn them into ambassadors. People whose actions and recommendations will boost your balance sheet, reputation or growth; helping your organisation to be successful however you measure it.

We are built for good business

We believe in creating sleek business processes built on smart technology, that are efficient, save our clients money and – most importantly – exceed their customers’ expectations. We take the administrative and logistical pressure off organisations so they can get on with what they do best.

Facts & figures

Arvato is…70,000 people around the world and countless services for customers from all over the world.



Our top management works with our employees to engineer solutions for our customers – actively, with focus and great passion.


Locations worldwide

We are right where our customers need us – in more than 40 countries on all continents.



We measure entrepreneurial success not only by economic indicators, but also by how sustainable and responsible our conduct is.



More than 175 years ago, Carl Bertelsmann established a lithographic press in Gütersloh, thereby laying the cornerstone for our current and future activities.



Whether you’re just starting your career, a young professional, specialist or manager, Arvato offers you a number of entry possibilities, challenging tasks, and exciting career prospects.



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Our customers’ success is our greatest priority. If, on top of this, our performance wins recognition from official bodies we are, of course, delighted.