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On the pole position with Arvato

The automobile sector is facing major challenges: Not only must dozens of new model introductions be managed every year, but the basic conditions are changing more and more rapidly. These changes include new rules, new customer expectations, and new technical possibilities such as digitization. At the same time, competitive pressure is steadily increasing, and automobile manufacturers are becoming increasingly international in orientation.

To run successful launch campaigns, the time-to-market factor for information, sales materials and marketing materials is critical. Only those who have all their documents at the right place at the right time can secure themselves a place in the first starting line.



Automobile manufacturers also have to keep up a fast pace in marketing their innovations. We are there to help with innovative service packages.

With the automotive industry recovering from the recession years, potential car buyers are faced with an increased choice of addressing their mobility needs – from buying new or used cars, to leasing cars or joining urban car-share models. The challenge for automotive manufacturers is to protect or increase their market share, maintain profit margins by maximising revenue per customer and maintain customer loyalty.

  • Service and value-added products such as finance, insurance and warranties are becoming more important as an additional revenue stream.
  • E-commerce is changing consumer behaviours (90% of customers research their vehicle online) and companies must embrace customer engagement across multiple channels.
  • Globalisation is reducing production costs - as companies forge partnerships, and car/component design and manufacture is rationalised and outsourced.
  • Environmental and financial concerns are powering the popularity of smaller, high-efficiency, alternative-energy-source vehicles.

Helping companies reduce costs and deliver a premium customer experience

We have more than 15 years’ experience working with clients in the UK automotive sector, including long-standing partnerships with leading brands such as Renault and the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.).

Our best practice helps our clients increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, save money, and drive consistency and efficiency in their processes.

Client benefits

Happy customers means more sales

Effective management of customer enquiries and complaints across multiple channels improves customer satisfaction and creates additional commercial opportunities.

Reduce costs through streamlining services

Streamlining services, such as test drive and service booking processes, can deliver significant cost reductions with improved results.

Turning customers into advocates

A customer contact solution built on intelligent customer insights and offering additional services delivers a premium customer experience, turning customers into passionate fans of the brand.

Proof points

We improved customer satisfaction of Harley Owners Group members significantly, from 50% to 80%, leading to an increased annual revenue per member of 50%

A collaborative partnership with Texaco has successfully migrated 400,000 loyalty programme members onto a new digital platform.

We have more than 15 years of experience in delivering CRM programmes for the UK automotive sector.

Front office and marketing support activities resulted in sales worth over £3m in 2014 alone, delivering a ROI of 447%.