One service provider, many services

The banking sector is becoming a more complex and competitive environment with new players, including supermarkets, retailers and innovative FinTech start-ups, entering the market and offering financial services.

  • Service channels are moving into the digital realm, replacing many services commonly performed in-branch – a multi-channel service offering is key.
  • Innovations in mobile and person-to-person (P2P) payment apps and virtual currencies are threatening to make the traditional banking model obsolete.
  • Banks need to drive innovation in-house and ensure close collaboration with FinTech innovators to stay on top of latest developments in the sector.
  • Increasing compliance regulation and legislation continues to influence the sector, requiring clear processes and the flexibility to adapt to changing rules.

The classic USPs are becoming less and less important, and digitization is changing payment transaction methods and branch businesses. For banks, a stringent customer focus and innovative services are becoming increasingly vital.

Working with a trusted partner to stay ahead of the curve

Arvato offers front-office solutions to drive growth and improve customer relations, and back-office solutions to deliver efficiency savings and enable clients to remain compliant.

Our flexible, long term approach to partnerships means we have been able to design and implement customer relationship management and loyalty programmes, manage payment platforms, streamline processes and improve cash and debt collection for companies across the sector.

Client benefits

Achieve efficiencies through global standardised process

A global business management platform can share support functions and standardise processed across all geographies, reducing processing times and transaction costs.

Develop efficient processes for improving cash flow

Arvato has an expert track record in accounts receivable and debt collection services, developing effective process for collecting outstanding balances and improving cash flow.

Proof points

Arvato works with 8 of the largest UK & Irish banks.

For our clients' cash management we refer to our global banking network with 250 bank accounts.

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