Arvato & People

Arvato is an organization built on the ability of its people and the transparency with which we reward them. We believe that we are open and honest with our people at all times, because that’s the best way to attract, support and develop the strongest possible talent. Our goal is to have a transparent meritocracy system to create the most rewarding and productive work environment possible.

Arvato India’s comprehensive HR practices focuses not only on healthy recruitment practices but also on a systematic approach towards employee satisfaction, career path mapping and skill development. Great talent comes in many different packages and we do our best to give our people the chance to grow within the organization and meet their career goals & aspirations.

At Arvato, there is no such thing as a predetermined career path. We encourage our people in their own individual development, providing challenges and support as needed, giving them the necessary freedom to be entrepreneurial and creative in an innovative and vibrant environment. Arvato regularly offers many ways for employees to state their opinions, such as employee satisfaction surveys, bottom up feedback dialogues, employee committees and an atmosphere that invites and encourages open communication.

The only long term competitive advantage for any organization is the collective brainpower of its people. We believe that the key to business success is to “hone skills to perfection & learn something new every day”.

Why Arvato

We Build Careers

As soon as you step into Arvato, you are given an understanding of the potential career path in the organization, how the current role and process is a part of a larger value chain for the client organization, also the criticality of your contribution along with the possible learning you can accumulate. Regular counselling sessions are organized where you can speak to our representatives (from various teams) about your current role, opportunities with Arvato, movement towards other functional roles and what is required to be done in your current role to “move up the ladder”.

Congenial Work Environment

We believe that a healthy work environment leads to enhanced morale and motivation of the workforce. Our HR function works hard to see that employees remain happy, respected and engaged. Though, all our fun at work programs are initiated by our HR, they are driven and managed by our employees and we happily encourage the same. The main theme which runs across all these initiatives is being participative without being intrusive.

Besides, we focus on having adequate work-life balance for all and constantly work towards it. We also provide the best of recreational facilities from an infrastructure standpoint.

Arvato Benefits

We celebrate our successes, small or big, with our employees. Recognition is not just confined to monetary benefits and is done at all levels for all functions as we understand that each contribution and each small initiative builds bigger bridges.

We provide comprehensive benefits to our employees designed to be competitive in local markets, and offer our employees adequate protection and resources needed to plan for the future.

Global Horizons

Being part of a globally networked organization with operations in countries around the world, we provide our people with the opportunity to work on global projects, interact with an international workforce, work on multiple processes and programs, understand cultures and of course travel. This is something which cannot be offered by many and we take pride in offering our employees this kind of an exposure.