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Salud Responde

arvato-managed health promotion in Andalusia

In Andalusia, Arvato offers a comprehensive health-related service for about 8.5 million residents through Salud Responde - a service where callers can reach knowledgeable contact people around the clock for all questions concerning health. The service has been a success story for eleven years.

Better and simpler access to healthcare - that’s the goal that inspired the state government of Andalusia to launch the “Salud Responde” patient service hotline. One of Salud Responde’s first and most frequently used offerings is its service for making appointments by phone. Employees make all of a patient’s medical appointments based on his or her personal wishes, both with regular doctors and with specialists. Since the organisation was founded, about 6.7 million citizens have used at least one of the 25 health-related services. Currently, about 300 employees work for Salud Responde at its central location in Jaén.


of users would recommend Salud Responde to others, because it is so convenient and fast.


of users indicated that without the service they would have contacted a doctor directly.

Multi-channel service with three levels of advice

As a multi-channel service, Salud Responde offers broad access to healthcare advice, In addition to the telephone hotline, advice can also be sought by email, chat or using a mobile app. The course of the advice service can involve three possible levels. Medically trained employees and nurses are available to answer each patient’s health-related questions. If needed, employees can access a list of questions prepared by the health institute that offers various possible solutions to patient concerns. For more complex or more serious conditions, a doctor is of course brought in immediately and, on request, an appointment for treatment can be made directly. In such a case, the patient can receive the appropriate prescription, or decisions can be made about further steps to be taken.

In a well-integrated healthcare system, there should be a balance between patient care and preventive steps for maintaining good health. Society increasingly demands that medical professionals be able to advise individuals concerning health-related decisions and appropriate preventive measures. This flow of information should take place as quickly and effectively as possible and utilize the technological options that are available today. Salud Responde ensures citizen access to the healthcare system and sets new standards both nationally and internationally.

José Maria González - Director Salud Responde

Comprehensive offerings for a wide range of patient groups

The services of Salud Responde are diverse, are constantly being further developed and can be thematically categorized into the following groups: prevention, medical care or services for chronically ill patients. Preventive measures are managed primarily through appropriate campaigns, such as heat-wave warnings to high-risk groups, World AIDS Day activities or flu prevention. Emails, text messages or phone calls bring information to all patients registered in the relevant medical programmes. Salud Responde combines all medical advice services under the “medical care” category, including the “Salud24” phone advice service. The hotline is considered to be a model service and is available to patients at any time of day, 365 days a year, for all health-related questions. It accepts common patient advice requests on topics such as flu, colds or paediatric illnesses.

A survey conducted by Arvato showed that 21 percent of all users of the service are chronically ill patients. For this reason, Salud Responde has developed additional offerings, which have already been tested in various pilot projects, especially for these groups of patients. These include, for example, care and monitoring by trained supervisors of diabetes patients using blood sugar metres.

A popular and effective service: Salud Responde is extremely popular with its users and also makes an important contribution to reducing healthcare costs. Not only does the service simplify access to medical services, it also supports the profitability of the healthcare system. With this programme, Arvato has succeeded in creating a service that has already set new standards both nationally and internationally.


of the calls were answered,
96% of them in less than five seconds


of users, it was no-longer necessary
to see a doctor due to the call

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