Healthcare Risk Management

We also provide smoothly integrated solutions for products that are subject to the risk management process due to regulatory requirements regarding prescription and delivery. We manage all processes and bring them into line with the respective national guidelines. In addition to complete traceability along the entire distribution channel, we also need to ensure that products are only sent out to previously registered persons, for example, as only specially trained medical practitioners and staff members are permitted to prescribe or administer this medication. Queries stored in the system facilitate the exclusion of patient groups for whom the risk of side effects is too great. All the data required for the comparison is stored in databases at both the customer’s and Arvato’s premises. Hospitals provide the patient data in anonymised form to ensure optimum compliance with data protection regulations.

Your benefits

Service from a single source

Optimum integration of risk management and distribution

Top quality

Standardised processes based on high-performance SAP systems guarantee high standards and prevent errors.

Data protection

All patient data is stored in the high-security Arvato data centre