Use the service as a chance

It is no secret that customers are a company's greatest asset. We treat customers in the best possible way as we surpass their expectations. Because a satisfied customer is simply someone who has received what he was promised—nothing more, nothing less. Strong customer relationships, on the other hand, imply that you have delivered something extra or provided added value to the customer. Therefore we address a unique brand experience and high quality services that makes customers spread a positive word of mouth.

We design After Sales Solutions that grow the product value perceived by customers, generate direct positive impact on your company´s image and encourages customers to repeat purchases. We are experienced in using the complete potential of the after-sales market.  Trust our service knowledge that makes you stand out from the competition, strengthen your customer relationships and achieve more market power and profitability.

Arvato offers in After Sales a comprehensive and diversified service portfolio. It starts already with Diagnostics before a customer sends in a device or even calls one of our service centres. We manage complex After Sales networks on a European basis and ensure that your customer promise is kept meanwhile providing you transparency across the entire value chain.

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