Solutions for a powerful Marketing

Arvato Digital Marketing has its roots in (offline) direct marketing and loyalty programs. We support our clients in the acquisition of promising new consumer and in delivering better value to their loyal customer base by generating and continuously enhancing consumer insights. We therefore offer a holistic consumer view by combining on- and offline data across multiple consumer touchpoints.

Our solution proposition combines an extensive on- and offline data pool (DATA), Business Intelligence & Analytics (INSIGHTS) competencies to generate meaningful, valuable and unique consumer insights based on the data and last but not least, marketing & sales solutions/ channels (ACTION) to reach consumers efficiently across channels (offline, online, mobile) and along their entire lifecycle.

Our existing data pool includes Germany’s largest population & household database and Germany’s second largest coalition loyalty program. In an ever more data-driven world, we have years of experience in data-based one-to-one and individualized marketing and have developed the necessary tools & centralized database to guarantee data security in the world of digitization.


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