Cold chain management

Arvato offers the ideal logistics infrastructure for temperature-managed warehousing and transport of sensitive products. Depending on your needs, we can store products at -70°C, -20°C, 15–25°C or 2–8°C. A range of ingenious monitoring systems ensures that everything is constantly kept under exactly the right conditions.

Seamless temperature control

Depending on your dispatch requirements, products can be actively cooled during transport and shipped by selected refrigerated carriers, or passively cooled in specially developed, validated transport packaging. All products are packed in designated picking areas in compliance with strict quality standards before being released for shipment.
Seamless track & trace processes ensure everything is documented throughout the whole shipping cycle. This allows us to pinpoint individual consignments at any given time or determine whether a product has been or will be delivered to the consignee within the specified deadline.

Your benefits


Warehousing and shipping in accordance with the GDP amendment from 2013


The ideal transport solution for your products and requirements

Monitoring and reporting

Seamless traceability of all processes and transports