Arvato helps E-Commerce and Retail companies, both nationally as internationally, achieving more success by supporting their core business through the entire logistics from the entry of goods, storage, order picking and dispatch.

Arvato offers additional services such as Return Solutions and Distribution Solutions with all carriers. Arvato also helps in developing IT Solutions for webshops, call center operations and all possible Payment Solutions.

Clients include Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Levi's, H&M etc. For that reason, Arvato is Business Partner of

What is

Translated loosely “Thuiswinkel” means “HomeShop”. is the inspiring Digital Commerce Network that helps (web) shops selling products and / or services, entrepreneurs and their employees to be more successful. We offer relevant and practical solutions through advocacy, the Thuiswinkelwaarborg, knowledge and research and - new! - The Home Shopping e-Academy.

arvato is the European market leader in various industries such as Fashion, Beauty and Healthcare.