Our top management is responsible for more than 70,000 employees in over 40 countries across the globe. It defines the long-term strategy of our company.

In order to offer our worldwide customers innovative solutions quickly and flexibly, we have organized Arvato into four business units: Arvato CRM Solutions for the area of customer relationship management, Arvato SCM Solutions for supply chain management solutions, and the business units of Arvato Financial Solutions and Arvato Systems. Our core markets are Germany, France, the UK, Spain, China and the US, with a further focus on the growth regions India, Poland and Turkey.

Management Board

Thomas Rabe

Chairman and CEO Bertelsmann

Career Milestones

Since 2012

Chairman and CEO, 
Bertelsmann, Gütersloh, Germany

From January 2006

Chief Financial Officer
Bertelsmann AG, Gütersloh, until 2008 also Head of Bertelsmann Music Group


Chief Financial Officer 
RTL Group, Luxembourg


Clearstream International
after 1998: Member of the Board of Directors, 
Chief Financial Officer


Head of Acquisitions
Beteiligungsgesellschaft Neue Länder, Berlin


on as Director Controlling
Treuhandanstalt, Berlin


Treuhandanstalt, Berlin


Associate at the Forrester Norall & Sutton law firm (now White & Case), Brussels


Directorate-General for Financial Institutions and Corporate Law 
European Commission, Brussels



University of Cologne 
Doctoral Studies 
Doctor of Economics (Dr. rer. pol.)

RWTH Aachen / University of Cologne
Economics Department 
Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA)

Ecole Européenne, Brussels

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Bernd Hirsch

CFO Bertelsmann

Career Milestones

since April 2016
Chief Financial Officer
Bertelsmann, Gütersloh


Chief Financial Officer
Symrise AG, Holzminden


Chief Financial Officer
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena


Director Mergers & Acquisitions
Carl Zeiss Gruppe, Oberkochen


Audit Manager
Arthur Andersen, Stuttgart



University of Würzburg
Degree in Business Administration

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Rolf Hellermann

Chief Financial Officer

Rolf Hellermann has served as Head of Bertelsmann’s Corporate Controlling and Strategy department since 2012. In this role, he is a permanent guest on Bertelsmann’s Executive Board and Group Management Committee and on the Boards of RTL Group and Penguin Random House. Since last year, his area of responsibility has also included Corporate Business Development tasks, including the implementation of strategic Group initiatives.

After studying business administration in Vallendar, Los Angeles and Nancy, Hellermann completed his studies with a doctorate from the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. Immediately afterwards, in 2004 he joined Bertelsmann’s Corporate Controlling and Strategy department and in 2008 was appointed Vice President in charge of corporate controlling and investment controlling for Random House, Arvato and Direct Group. During his Bertelsmann career, Hellermann has also completed postings at RTL Group in Luxembourg and Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg. In July 2015 he became CFO of Arvato.

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Dutch Management

Marceline Beijer

Managing Director Arvato Benelux BV

Marceline Beijer, started her career in finance in 2001 and made the move to media. As CEO, she changed Kobalt in a client-focused organization. In 2011, she chose for the personal and client-oriented Marketing Services Arvato.


"Promise delivered, is our top priority; Arvato realizes with customized solutions set objectives. Exactly as promised. "


1-to-1 communication

The many possibilities of Arvato reaching the client with one-on-one communication to is very much of this time.  These possibilities are what Marceline offers customers. Arvato has mastered the many touchpoints that enables organizations to communicate personally with their customers. By combining the different forms of customer communication and service from a single service, the marketing and communication will grow to be more effective. In costs, processes, but also in the power of the message.


Continuous growth

Marceline is proud of the solid fundament Arvato has, making here able to realize continuous growth in any field. Growth from which customers also benefit. In the logistic sector; Arvato Netherlands grows very strongly, and with its convenient location and attractive tax environment it provides interesting opportunities for customers worldwide.


Client results

Clients choose almost randomly the channel by which they are talking to or about a company. He who manages all these different channels and combines, strengthens impact and accomplishes desired results. Marceline stands, with all he  business units, for result for the clients; from online and offline marketing to customer service and distribution.

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Tom Custers

Director Customer Services, Arvato Benelux BV 

Tom Custers, since 2012 Director of Customer Services at Arvato Benelux, is responsible for the complete service in the field of customer relationship management. With three customer contact centers and about 700 employees this business unit provides, from the Benelux, the essential service for over 100 companies worldwide, to their customers.

Customer Contact

Since 2005 Tom has been active at Arvato in the area of ​​servicing and customer contact, and has been working in this industry since 1998. A task-oriented industry par excellence where he, with a people-oriented approach,  makes the difference. For the employees, the clients and the end customer.

Authenticity for customer experience

Results are essential in customer contact centers, authenticity in customer contact though, where brand experience is central, makes the difference. Without neglecting results, Tom has introduced a management style working from an intrinsic motivation. Because he or she, who feels appreciated and  feels useful, will respond differently to a customer than those to whom targets are of more value. Due to this style,  targets will still be achieved, with satisfied customers.

Customer-friendly strategies

With Customer Services and CRM Tom manages a multidisciplinary team, that communicates with customers through every channel, and advises clients in developing customer-friendly strategies. A service in a market that is constantly evolving, a service that Tom and his team offers an array of interesting challenges.

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Frits den Hartog

Manager Marketing Services, arvato Benelux BV 

In 2012 Frits den Hartog became manager of the Arvato Marketing Services business unit, having worked there since 1997. Cost savings, effective processes and more focus on creativity for the clients, has been a central topic throughout.

For customers

During his career, Frits has worked, ad interim, for many large customers for short or long periods. Managing departments, optimizing processes and trajectories, or to transfer knowledge and skills. Now he facilitates his team making them operate properly and effectively for Marketing Services customers.


"With continuous improvements in processes, costs and execution, we create perfect added value for our client, who will not only save time and money, but also gets the best result."


Unique proposition

Frits is jointly responsible for the development of customer-oriented services from Arvato. Like the distinctive and unique proposition with which they can select the best global purchasing conditions, have excellent cross-border solutions, making clients benefit from an international infrastructure that manages currency and VAT matters superbly.


Best result

With smart IT solutions and choosing the right people in the right place, this business unit achieves savings in time and money for their clients. Externally and internally, making employees having more time for their client and thus adding value. The best results in quality, speed and costs with the smartest solutions. This way Frits ensures, with Marketing Services, clients experiencing continuous improvement and make them choose time and time again for Arvato.

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Martijn Nielen

Director Supply Chain Management, Arvato Benelux BV    

Martijn Nielen, Director Supply Chain Management Netherlands since 2010  A feature that has become increasingly more challenging since these services are becoming more important and larger. In the Netherlands, where the contract logistics market is growing strongly and Arvato has a leading role, and also internally, with growth at existing customers.


International services

Arvato's Supply Chain Management services mostly international companies that provide their services worldwide. With international solutions in which a country is just one link, all customers’ needs are met. This way, online purchases from the Netherlands can be distributed throughout Europe, within a day. European deliveries for which the customer pays benchmark rates, and thanks to an intelligent transport management and cross-border solutions, can have full insight in the supply chain.


"We deliver, anywhere, and as agreed. We know how important it is for the customers of our clients to get the right order on time, at the right cost. That’s what we do, always. "


One-stop-shop in global logistics

The growth and growth expectations also mean expansion for this business unit, in sites and people. To manage this process well, Martijn facilitates his team with training, education and advanced systems. Making them able to offer the same distinctive, exceptional customer service; by forming a one-stop shop solution for customers through global collaboration and complete logistic coordination.



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Hans Spit

Manager Finance & Control, Arvato Benelux BV 

Hans Spit, Immediately after his study in Business Economics Hans Spit started his career at Arvato in 2009 as Controller and was appointed in 2015 as Manager Finance & Control. In this position he is responsible for the Finance department, consisting of Financial and Business Controlling. Customs and Trade are since late 2015 one of his responsibilities.


Solid financial foundation

With his team, Hans manages the entire financial reporting for both internal and external stakeholders. Both financial and non-financial KPIs of the various business units have primary focus. His team also supports direct contribution to Arvato’s customer value proposition, aiming for continuous improvement both within the department as in change management in the organization. In short, this team is diverse and focuses on business partnering, adding strategic value and has a strong focus on both functional and operational discipline.



With the diversity of services provided by Arvato, each business unit has its own attentions and therefore unique wishes for Finance. Transposing all these wishes, within an as uniform process possible, is an ongoing challenge Hans always likes to take on.


Facilitator of growth

The Finance & Control department is an essential part of Arvato. With a common goal to always improve, this department led by Hans, is a solid facilitator of the growth of Arvato.

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Theo Peeters

Manager ICT, Arvato Benelux BV 

Theo Peeters, Manager at Arvato Benelux has an eye for the needs of the client, the demands of other business units and has extensive knowledge of the possibilities of information technology. This, combined with Project Management approach, ensures that he and his team of IT specialists realized a lot in the field of ICT.


Optimum Customer Support from ICT

Starting his career in process-automation, Theo started working at Arvato in 2004, having his current position since 2010. The developments within Arvato making the organization grow, increasing the volumes, the techniques making more possible,  and each business unit having a unique perspective on the market with their specific demands for their end customers, offer him the challenge to provide customer support with ICT solutions.


Flexible and dynamic team

The Arvato IT team consists of mostly young IT professionals. Flexible and dynamic, being capable to manage the most challenging projects very well, meeting the client’s deadlines and requirements. No matter how complex, customer contact systems for new customers are being implemented quickly.


"With ICT, we deliver tailor-made solutions for each business unit, in order to create the best possible solution technology enables."


Distinctive Approach

Deploying a distinctive approach, teaming up with the business unit and customers at the beginning of a project, they devise the best possible solutions to the needs of that customer. Solutions technically feasible and in the stipulated lead time. This approach characterizes Theo, giving information technology and communication his unique and successful fulfillment.

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Alice Nienhuis

Director HR, Arvato Benelux BV 

With a Human Resources career in among others the automotive, Alice Nienhuis started in 2007 as Director of Human Resources at Arvato. From this position she supports the business units by performing efficiently the input, process and outflow policies, positioning the right people in the right place.


Facilitating growth

In recent years, Arvato has an ever increasing growth, the Logistics business unit in the Netherlands was set up in 2008,  and developed extensively, and at this moment new logistics center is being built in Gennep. In addition, Customer Services expanded, including a new location in 2013 in Maastricht. For all of these developments, new people and new procedures became an even larger necessity, so the HR department had to be expanded. Alice facilitates that HR is visible everywhere,and that this growth with people, resources and processes is managed perfectly.


"With good HR solutions we put the right person in the right place."


Quality of people

The development of a tailor MBO 3 training for contact center employee is one of those resources. This training was developed by Arvato in corporation with the education institute, and HR obviously had a big role in this development. This training guarantees the quality of the deployed people and the flexibility and scalability of the service, offered to its customers, including Customer Service.


Valuable capital

A good HR base as a solid fundament for a strong company. Alice Nienhuis is proud helping building and strengthening this fundament, serving both the business units and end customers, with the most valuable capital: good people.

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