We deliver best-in-class logistics solutions - locally and globally

Global logistics means for us, being able to connect you with your customers anywhere. In our fast evolving world, the customer chooses the channels and dictates how service excellence is defined. We power the logistics backbone and orchestrate the multichannel fullfilment for B2C, B2B, store & retail fullfilment. With our innovative solutions and technologies, we ensure customer-centric operations and bring your omni-channel visions to life. 

Bridge to Europe

Step into the European market with Arvato. Our healthcare expertise supports European and non-European firms, from the final phases of clinical studies to establishing the product on the market.


Direct to hospital

With its many years of experience in the healthcare market, especially in the hospital and medical technology sectors, Arvato’s STOK team is the ideal partner for hospital logistics and transparent processes up to the point of care.


Healthcare Logistics

The European healthcare market is extremely complex. Arvato is developing effective pan-European solutions that reduce this complexity for healthcare customers.


Omni-Channel Logistics

Arvato provides seamless omni-channel solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Rely on our excellent network of owned distribution centers for international B2B and B2C logistics.


Retail Logistics

Delvering on-time and according to the specific requirements of your retail partners bears challenges within an international context. With broad experience in the B2B logistics and transport management, Arvato is a reliable partner for your retail deliveries.


Fashion & Beauty Logistics

Through automatization of processes, we guarantee a highly flexible operation in peak seasons for flat & hanging goods, shoes, cosmetics and juwellery. With our industry-specific experience we ensure the best logistics experience.   


Hightech & Entertainment Logistics

For the Hightech, Entertainment and Consumer Electronics industry, we offer a broad range of services which cover the entire forward and reverse logistic supply chain for B2B, B2C and multi-channel solutions.


Global Logistics Set-up

Our global logistics network is supported by state-of-the-art IT systems to enable full visibility and transparency along your supply chain. We tailor logistics solutions to your needs which are satisfying your special requirements.


Marketing Supply Chain Management

Arvato as the  front-running marketing logistics service provider understand the needs of their clients perfectly. Short-term packaging, large cross docking campaigns, high-circulation distribution campaigns with short run-in times, transparency and cost consciousness are self-understood.


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