Home deliveries prove a real breadwinner for Norwegian start-up

Brødboksen.no sees growth of 10% a week

Brødboksen.no delivers freshly baked bread direct to people’s doors in Oslo and Stavanger, and has grown rapidly since starting out in 2015.

With a weekly growth rate of more than 10%, the home delivery service is proof that there is clearly demand for good alternatives to regular grocery stores.

“It annoyed us that poor logistics force consumers to buy and eat old bread from ordinary groceries,” says Brødboksen.no’s general manager Arnulf Refsnes.

“So we decided to do something about it.” Brødboksen.no sells freshly baked bread, sandwich toppings and breakfast juices for the same price as grocery stores, and delivers them to your door for free.

For strong growth you need to free up resources

Brødboksen.no started market testing in Oslo in April 2015. The service lived up to its founders’ expectations and today there are 40 vans on the road. The plan is to keep growing, with the company buying new vans and opening up new routes every month.

You are seeing tremendous growth. Are you also experiencing growing pains?

 “We are delighted that we are growing quickly,” Refsnes says. “From the beginning we have focused on what we can do best, which is to deliver fresh bread and quality breakfast ingredients.

“A critical success factor for us was to outsource the things that we are not so good at, such as invoice management.”

And that’s where Arvato Financial Solutions came in. Arvato has contributed to much of that growth and given Refsnes and his team the opportunity and time to focus on quality and service rather than deal with invoice management.

Now it’s set to help Brødboksen.no grow further. Arvato delivers tailored financial solutions and offers invoice transfers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with customers guaranteed a refund within 24 hours.

 “Earlier we have received a monthly invoice file where we have purchased the order value and managed the invoicing. In order for Arnulf to get faster access to capital, we are going to do the same thing daily,” says Bente Lindahl, account manager at Arvato.


Breadwinners: ‘It is annoying that poor logistics forces consumers to buy and eat old bread from regular groceries,’ says Brødboksen.no’s CEO Arnulf Refsnes (left), pictured here with co-founders Thom Berre, Stian Krogstad and Torstein Greni

Customer contact also outsourced after delivery

In addition to being responsible for Brødboksen.no’s invoicing and purchasing order values, Arvato has also taken over the dialogue with late-paying customers.

“Our business idea is to deliver a fantastic service that people are happy with,” says Brødboksen.no’s CEO Arnulf Refsnes.

 “So as well as delivering high-quality fresh produce to your door, it is strategically important for us to provide professional and inclusive customer service once you have received your goods from us. We assist our customers with products and deliveries, while Arvato follows up on payments for us.”

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