Facts & Figures

You may not know it, but arvato is behind a great number of the products and services you use. arvato is a leading international service provider that lives and breathes digital technology. We design and implement customized solutions covering a wide range of business processes along integrated service chains.

In other words, whenever you download software, shop online, or have your smart phone repaired, there’s a good chance that we were active behind the scenes as a service provider.


OUR MISSION: To promote the successful development of our customers’ businesses and enhance the loyalty of their customers based on many years of international experience in applying proven technologies and innovative solutions.

> 1 500



businesses segments


> 20

key accounts

> 75,000 sqm

total space of warehouses, production facilities and offices

> 10 mln

parcels per year

11 000

returns processing per day

> 5 SKU

are sent every second

1,9 mln

interactions per year

32 mln SKU

B2C products stored