We deliver best-in-class logistics solutions - locally and globally

Global logistics means for us, being able to connect you with your customers anywhere. In our fast evolving world, the customer chooses the channels and dictates how service excellence is defined. We power the logistics backbone and orchestrate the multichannel fullfilment for B2C, B2B, store & retail fullfilment. With our innovative solutions and technologies, we ensure customer-centric operations and bring your omni-channel visions to life. 

Consumer Products

Through automatization of processes, we guarantee a highly flexible operation in peak seasons for flat & hanging goods, shoes, cosmetics and juwellery. With our industry-specific experience we ensure the best logistics experience.   


Hightech & Entertainment Logistics

For the Hightech, Entertainment and Consumer Electronics industry, we offer a broad range of services which cover the entire forward and reverse logistic supply chain for B2B, B2C and multi-channel solutions.


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