We work together with many exciting customers, and togheter with them we have developed solutions to suit their needs and businesses. Below you find a small selection.

“They adapted to our needs, the way we think, and not how they thought we should be doing things.”
Vishal Nanda, head of marketing and one of the founders of Service Finder

"We would never have grown from NOK 28 million to 100 million in four years if Arvato had not been in our team."
Ole Hasaas, CFO Stormberg

"We chose Arvato because they have delivered the best results over a long period in our benchmarking."
Bjørn Ola Holm, Telenor

"Our online store is our digital pizzeria and a strategic part of our business. We wanted to offer our customers an even better customer experience and seamlessly integrate our online store with our multichannel sales." Tommi Tervanen, CEO of Kotipizza

"Arvato has been central to mySafetys successful change in business model."
Daniel Elfvendahl, CEO mySafety