We drive the performance of your online shop

In the fast-paced, constantly evolving e-commerce business, what counts is flexibility, speed and customer orientation. As digital continues to touch every step of the customer journey, multi-channel retailers who operate both e-commerce and in-store channels are having to take note. The proliferation of mobile has created an ‘always-on’ customer. Retailers can now connect with shoppers wherever and whenever they are. Take the advantage of our retail marketing know-how: We couple content and commerce to create rich lifestyle-oriented destinations that keep shoppers coming back. Customers who are going from screen to store and store to screen as they engage in buying behaviour are the most valuable kind of customer. And for many of them it doesn’t start and stop there.

The e-commerce trend is defined by the drive to constantly improve the customer experience, regardless of channel or device. Consumers can now engage with a company in a physical store, on an online website or mobile app, through a catalogue, or through social media. Each piece of the consumer’s experience should be consistent and complementary.

Arvato not only takes you to the different international markets fast, we also ensure that buzzwords like omni-channel remain more than a mere vision. Thanks to the fast and easy integration of shop platforms, logistics, payment systems and customer service, you are optimally positioned to showcase your brand properly – aligned along your target audience and industry.


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