Public institutions are in a state of radical change. Demographic change, a shortage of skilled employees, budget consolidation, technological change, and the modernization of public administration processes are just a few of the challenges they are currently facing. Public administration also has to be made more people-friendly and service-oriented.

We understand the full complexity of various distribution channels, from wholesale to retail, from stationary trading to e-commerce. And we link these channels for successful cross-channel commerce. As a full-service provider, we also manage your worldwide supply and handle your customer communication and advertising activities.

Whether for front-end or back-end services, you will find us to be a powerful partner, planning success strategies with you for today and tomorrow. Just some of what our services include:

  • Fast and flexible full-service E-Commerce solutions
  • Development and operation of your webshop and omni-channel services
  • Efficient logistics, reliable distribution services and returns management for B2C and B2B
  • All payment methods through one Arvato owned payment gateway and in addition fraud prevention, risk management, debtor and dunning services
  • Customer care with broad fashion & lifestyle expertise
  • E-Commerce Consulting¬†
  • Global Online Marketing for a consistent brand message