Excellence in direct customer communication

We achieve the best possible value creation for you in direct customer dialogue. Through excellent service across all contact channels, we ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our focus lies on maintaining and expanding the customer relationship, supported by sales activities as well as high standards of efficiency and quality. We can provide you with these services on almost every continent and in every language you require.

Our services are based on tried-and-tested technology in the background: in order to support your customers in the best way possible, we use modern customer analysis tools to systematically generate information regarding the needs and channel preferences of your customers. With our knowledge management approaches, we make complex knowledge available to customer-service employees via intuitive user interfaces. This increases service quality and reduces processing time.


Through excellent service across all contact channels, we ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and efficiency in direct customer communication.


  • Maintenance and development of customer relationships
  • Maximized interaction value of one-on-one contacts with the customer
  • Utilization of up-selling and cross-selling potentials
  • Efficient dialogue with the customer
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and conclusive case processing
  • Best shore and multi-language hub solutions to minimize costs

This makes us a competent partner

Market leader in Europe

Over 20 per cent efficiency gains through process management

Over 10 per cent sales quotas, depending on the service

More than 40,000 employees providing services in 35 languages worldwide; over 11,000 of these are based at 35 locations in Germany


Increasing internationalization means that customers expect excellent customer service in their own language, regardless of where the company is based.  In this context, a central “multi-language hub” is a good alternative to the establishment of many individual local service centers that are much more effort to coordinate.

To manage your international customer base in the best possible way, we bring together a wide range of service languages in one location. You benefit from economies of scale and a consistent service quality – regardless of where your customers actually are. 

Arvato operates in Turkey as a multi language hub for European languages with its expertise reaching more than 170 locations and 32 languages globally.



  • Maintaining quality standards of operational KPIs as a result of central management approach to operations
  • Managing operations with ease
  • Providing cost advantage



  • Services for many countries from single location

For many companies, outsourcing service processes abroad is attractive because of the cost savings on offer. However, it’s important to consider the differences in legislation, the challenges around recruitment of employees with the right language skills and the additional administrative burden.

With our international service center network, we deliver your services from wherever the conditions are most favorable for you. In the process, we are at your side with our expertise, always keeping your customers’ language and cultural background in mind.

Arvato Turkey has more than 10 years of experience in providing nearshore services in more than 12 languages to Europe, in order to help its customers gain competitive advantage.



  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Cost advantage



  • Local language support
  • Management of seasonalities
  • Access to resources with various skills

Availability of information, such as price and product comparisons or the possibility to interact via social media, encourage end customers to switch contract partners more frequently. Consequently, regaining previous customers has become a major challenge for companies such as mobile, phone, internet or energy suppliers. At the same time, customers who are considering a switch must be identified at an early stage, so they can be addressed individually with suitable incentives to stay.

The first step to keep and retain customers is to deeply understand customer expectations. We are able to analyze our customers' historical data with our BI solutions and leverage our findings . 

Specially trained agents regain your customers for you, even in cases of contract termination. Arvato offers proactive customer services that build customer relations based on mutual trust. We ensure that dissatisfied customers are convinced by your offers again, and re-establish their ties more closely to your company.



  • Retaining existing customers, providing a long-term profitability rather than gaining new customers
  • Improving customer experience



  • Analytic perspective
  • Customized account management

Customer interactions often provide opportunities for selling a higher value or complementary product or service. These opportunities are rarely exploited, as the service center agents do not have sufficient information at their fingertips to allow them to identify the right offers. For us, customer service goes beyond the moment when the customer query has been dealt with – our specially trained agents consistently but discreetly utilize any potential for additional sales with the support of our special analytical tools. We focus on the value for the end customers and increase their satisfaction through individualized, tailor-made offers.



  • Growth in sales revenue
  • Individual approach
  • Increase in ARPA



  • Account and business analysis
  • Segmentation and product planning 
  • Sustainable customer relationships
  • Mutual trust 

In today's competitive environment, gaining new customers has become as critical as keeping existing customers satisfied with your offerings. We manage your sales activities effectively according to customers' needs as your trusted partner.



  • High market penetration in short periods
  • High ROI



  • New customer data
  • CRM integration
  • Sales pipeline management

Arvato manages vast number of accounts effectively with optimized level of resources. Sales cycles are managed by regularly updating customer information, segmentations and analyses on behalf of our customers.



  • Sustainable revenue
  • Sales forecasting
  • Tailor made consultancy services for customers



  • Pipeline management
  • CRM integration
  • Omni channel communication

Your customers provide you revenue and at the same time, customers' payment practices decline. This results in extra time-consuming work and costs in addition to your normal administrative work such as invoicing, monitoring receipt of payments and booking payments. Keeping an eye on each payment deadline costs time and ties up human resources, which in turn costs money and reduces your profit.

We develop customized collection strategy for your industry and requirements that will give you the greatest possible success in collecting receivables. Our end-to-end services improve our clients’ cash flow by improving the collection of outstanding revenues. To further maximize revenues for clients, we provide a team of trained multi-skilled agents which can be scaled up or down according to demand. Providing first class customer service, our accounts team resolve customer queries while maintaining a professional and compliant manner.


  • Fast liquidity flow
  • Growth in income with cost optimization
  • Effective communication with customers
  • Image protection and reputation management



  • Claims management
  • Omni channel approach
  • End-to-end collection services
  • Smart processes for every stage of collection