Learning, improving, avoiding: a high degree of customer satisfaction thanks to process optimizations

Our aim is to avoid unnecessary and non-valuable contacts with the service center and design customer services in such a way, that many questions do not even arise in the first place. Based on detailed analyses, we determine the potential for process improvements and use consumer feedback for continuous optimization of our client's procedures and our own services. This allows us to create a win-win situation for the end customer and our clients, and increases customer satisfaction while also reducing customer service costs.

Detailed analyses and sustainable process improvements allow us to reduce unnecessary and non-valuable customer communication. This way we can increase customer satisfaction while also reducing costs.


  • Avoidance of contact that is of no value to the customer or to the company
  • Reduction of operational and service costs by linking customer services with the company's continuous improvement processes
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and revenue through sustainable customer experience management

This makes us a competent partner

Arvato CRM manages the customer feedback process for worldwide leaders

Proven increased customer satisfaction and reduced overall costs

Reduction of CPO by 20 percent


We listen closely to your customers and are therefore able to offer all services related to customer feedback management and to resolve any issues quickly and professionally. Using our complex analytical tools, we can leverage our accumulated knowledge to provide valuable input for improving and enhancing your business processes, resulting in happier customers and reduced costs.



  • Understanding customer needs more profoundly
  • Analyzing business processes in accordance with market dynamics
  • Improving business processes
  • Reducing call volumes in the long term



  • Archiving and segmentation of complaints, creating process improvement suggestions 

Social networks offer consumers countless opportunities to talk about their experiences with products or services. Consequently, as a barometer of customer’s opinions, social media channels provide a valuable source of information for companies. Efficient monitoring allows companies to keep track of this, respond to any problems at an early stage and avoid any communication crises. We monitor more than 750 million websites, forums and blogs, in any desired language, and analyze all entries that have a bearing on your specific issues and terms of reference. If required, we respond on an ad hoc basis, in order to take advantage of any opportunities and minimize any risks.



  • Deepening VOC (Voice of Customer) model
  • Analyzing competitors and markets
  • Interacting rapidly with customers
  • Providing up and cross sell opportunities



  • Suitable for mobile usage
  • Management of back-dated content
  • Detailed analyses and reporting
  • Integration with popular CRM systems