We repair over 1 million technical products per year

Arvato Teleservice, delivering technical services in the cell phone sector in Turkey since 2001, is delivering first class services to its customers with the best equipment of the technology and original spare parts.

The company is repairing cell phones, laptop computers, tablets and 3G products with its 12 years of experience in Turkey.

Arvato Teleservice, repairing over a million devices each year, is aiming at strengthening customer loyalty by delivering quality services with its growing experience. We are delivering integrated services with ideas specially tailored for each customer.

You can strengthen customer satisfaction by taking fast and reliable feedback along with our services.



Automated Kanban spare parts push principle ensures that spare parts are available in the workshop at all times

Business Intelligence

Over 8,000 data fields from all parts of the process can be reported and analyzed

European Footprint

Repair services Level 0-4 in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey


We continuously innovate our technology and knowledge hence it is our duty to provide an excellent quality service.

  • Easy access 
  • Disclosure 
  • Questioning on the Status Tracking Solution offering ideas

MRC processing is an intricate field. Processing of material returns needs to be exactly according to manufacturer standards and criteria, while at the same time there needs to always be a match between returned spare stock, claims and reports. We offer you optimized stock levels, full stock transparency and a single partner interface that caters to your unique needs.  

We offer one consistent global master data model and one single order scope for all of our sites.

Our refurbishment service is so good that you won’t be able to tell a refurbished device from a new one. This level of excellence in our work makes sure that we answer your increased need to re-use devices that are refurbished on an “as good as new” level.

Our main focus is process management towards our customers. We offer ideas and integrated services designed specifically for each customer. This makes us unique and assures our market success.

  • Spare parts management 
  • Technical support
  • Training 
  • Service management 
  • SWAP products management

No-Failure-Found cases are a constant hassle and a constant pain point in your cost reduction needs. Our screening & testing solution is designed to do exactly that, by clearly and immediately identifying out of warranty cases, customer induced damage cases and water damage cases among others. We automatically identify warranty status by using manufacturer interfaces and make sure we save you time and money by identifying non failures on time, preventing your customers from sending them to you in the first place.



Transport management is one of the most demanding tasks out there and we make sure that you and your customers are efficiently connected. You need high flexibility in your carrier portfolio, cost efficiency regardless of volumes as well as handling of transport documents. We offer a lot more than that: Transparent track & trace for you and your clients, flexibility in carrier selection with various professional carriers and above all, fast implementation due to our single carrier interface.

We help our customers to reach all services they need from a single partner with lower costs:

  • Inventory management 
  • Planning 
  • Receiving 
  • Control
  • Distribution




Quality spare parts management process is designed according to your demands.

  • Easy ordering 
  • Live stock tracking
  • Accurate and fast delivery

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