Distributing diagnostic products efficiently

For over 18 years, Arvato has been combining regional and centralised approaches to storage in order to provide Beckman Coulter with customised distribution solutions from a single source.

Challenge: to implement a customised distribution solution to ensure the rapid and efficient supply of goods and increase customer satisfaction

Beckman Coulter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of systems and consumables in the field of clinical diagnostics and life sciences. With the help of automated and simplified processes, Beckman Coulter’s products play a key role in increasing laboratory productivity. More than 200,000 systems are currently in use in over 130 countries.

In the interest of the best possible use of laboratory resources, a variety of diagnostic products need to be available at all times, without keeping large inventories on site.

If equipment fails, being able to obtain a replacement part quickly is essential for the patients of hospitals and laboratories. Beckman Coulter chose Arvato healthcare to ensure the reliable and efficient supply of materials to hospitals and laboratories.

We wish to thank you for your outstanding performance throughout the year for all territories as well as for your strong support.

Jef Herrmann, Manager Warehouse & Distribution EMEAI, Beckman Coulter


Arvato collaborated with Beckman Coulter to create a network of regional distribution centres, making possible short delivery times and efficient storage. Significant cost advantages result from the use of Arvato’s multi-user sites all over Europe, which help meet the special needs of the in-vitro diagnostic industry with respect to cold chain requirements and the handling of hazardous materials.

In addition, a distribution centre for replacement parts, located near the Brussels airport, allows for the time-sensitive delivery of replacement parts as well as the consolidation of inventory. Arvato also offers customised solutions to ensure that service engineers receive needed parts by 9 a.m. the following day, at their homes, at the customer site or in agreed-upon locations such as car trunks, gas stations, locked boxes etc.

Furthermore, Arvato healthcare guarantees global export shipments that comply with the latest regulations for transporting hazardous materials by road, sea or air. A particular focus area involves large-volume shipments to distributors in Asia, the U.S. and Africa, in accordance with strict packaging requirements for sensitive medical products.

Beckman Coulter can be confident that its products are always in good hands, thanks to Arvato’s many years of experience maintaining cold chains and adhering to regulations governing the handling of hazardous materials.

For more than 18 years, Arvato healthcare has been helping to implement efficient logistics and supply chain management. As a leading service provider, it offers flexible structures, integrated IT systems and cross-industry expertise, all of which provides a good foundation for continued development even under changing conditions. Arvato healthcare solutions are always state-of-the art, thanks to regular modifications and optimisation.

Services: Arvato healthcare assumes responsibility for the distribution and storage of consumables and spare parts world-wide

  • Creation of regional distribution centres and a central distribution facility for replacement parts
  • Warehouse and transport management for hazardous materials and thermolabile products
  • Returns management for spare parts and tools
  • Global export shipments
  • Waste management

Customer benefits

With Arvato’s scalable structures, Beckman Coulter can ship its products at a reasonable price from any one of a number of regional multiuser sites worldwide.

 Thanks to its European network and rapid response times, full-service provider Arvato healthcare guarantees on-time deliveries.

This, in turn, ensures that the laboratories of Beckman Coulter’s customers are utilised to capacity.