Derby benefits from arvato know how

Chesterfield partnership delivers benefits overflow contract for Derby City Council.

Challenge: to deal with workload overflows

In October 2010, arvato entered into a 10-year public-private partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council to deliver a range of key services, including revenues, benefits, customer service, human resources, payroll, ICT, accounts payable and invoice processing.

As part of the public-private partnership agreement, the original OJEU notice included the opportunity for named neighbouring authorities to streamline the future commissioning process when sharing with or procuring services from the Chesterfield partnership.

In April 2012, under this initiative, arvato secured a deal to manage a benefits assessment overflow contract for Derby City Council. The contract was to enable Derby to handle an increased benefits workload, which had risen by 14% over the past four years, and to ensure its citizens continued to receive a high level of customer service. 

The team has taken time to really understand the specific requirements for our residents and collaborated with our workforce to develop a sustainable model that will maintain a high level of quality assurance. This sets the foundation for the agreement to enhance our services for citizens.

Kath Gruber, Director of Customer Management, Derby City Council

Solution: to harness existing know how

Derby City Council was pleased with arvato’s flexible partnership approach and the positive results from an initial benefits processing contract set up with arvato in December 2011 to manage an increase in claims, while meeting required quality targets.

The new agreement worth up to £390k for one year, with an option to extend for another two years, went live in April 2012. Harnessing arvato’s expertise and processes, an analysis of Derby’s working practices and local procedures was undertaken in order to produce more successful and sustainable outcomes.

The dedicated additional support is being provided by a fully trained and experienced benefits team from Chesterfield, working remotely and with minimal supervision, to help Derby embed effective and rapid refinements into its in-house Benefits service.

Strict guidelines and protocols were developed and put into place, enabling Derby’s internal quality control staff to ensure consistently high standards.

Derby City Council now has a robust yet flexible resource available from Chesterfield, which enables it to smooth out the severe fluctuations in its Benefits service workload without having to invest heavily in extra infrastructure and resources.  

Successes: managing peaks and troughs

Ensured delivery of critically important services, while maintaining quality and customer service.

Focused on managing overflows, allowing Derby Council to manage peaks and troughs in workloads effectively.

Developed collaborative relationship, using skills and knowledge of both arvato and Derby staff.