Digitalisation and innovative technology continue to transform every aspect of our lives – the way we communicate, build relationships, do business and buy or sell goods. Start-ups disrupt well-established industries and the internet enables small businesses to compete with big business on a global scale.

  • IT & technology are truly global markets, impacted by business and economic trends from around the world; businesses have to identify and exploit the emerging opportunities in order to gain competitive advantage, requiring agility and flexibility in processes and structures.
  • Operating globally adds layers of complexity, such as managing multiple languages, time-zones, currencies, regulation and financial processes.
  • Social media has increased the impact of consumer influence adding to the requirement for intelligent customer insights and multi-channel management.
  • In a fast paced market with product life cycles as short as three months, being able to reduce the time-to-market through a streamlined supply chain is key.

Delivering key services across multiple channels in multiple languages, 24/7

Companies in this sector need a global, dynamic, innovative partner that understands the speed of business, complexities of a global sector and importance of brand. Arvato has been working with leading players in the IT, search engine, internet service provider, online retail, hosting and online advertising sectors for more than 15 years.

We support our in-depth sector experience with international finance, contact centre and supply chain expertise, effectively managing projects across numerous channels that involve multiple currencies, multi-lingual customer services and multi-national distribution.

Client benefits

Reduce costs while improving customer experience

By standardising business processes internationally with the help of Arvato’s global delivery network for financial solutions, supply chain or customer service, clients can achieve significant cost savings and enhance the customer experience.

Supporting business transformation

By drawing on Arvato’s expertise in e-commerce, digital software distribution, and digital channel management, clients can drive the transformation of their business model in the digital age.

Accelerating growth across borders

Teaming up with an outsourcing partner to drive expansion provides rapid access to the scale, local knowledge and infrastructure that would otherwise take significant investment to develop in-house.

Proof points

arvato’s supply chain solutions provided 10% cost savings for Toshiba over the course of 12 months.

Our global BPO partnership with Microsoft, covers four major lines of business generating over 90% of global revenue.

We have worked with leading players across the IT and Technology sectors for more than 15 years.

Our successful partnership with the internet pioneer amazon has been going for more than 10 years.

Together, Toshiba and arvato have developed a supply chain solution that has streamlined our logistics operation, reduced distribution costs and led to an expansion of our business.

Richard Taylor, Head of Supply Chain, Toshiba UK