Digital technologies, from smart phones and e-readers, to apps and online content, continue to change the way people interact with and consume media and entertainment. While the channels are expanding and evolving, the value of the content remains important in an increasing competitive sector.

  • To reach consumers, companies are changing business models to take advantage of new channels and multiple platforms.
  • Industries are coming together to respond to the changes - even competitors are forming alliances.
  • Companies are battling hard to retain control and maintain protection of their digital content.

Over half a century working with world-leading brands

Arvato is part of Bertelsmann, the world’s most international media company, and we have worked with world-leading media and entertainment brands for more than 50 years.

We understand these sectors, and our integrated solutions for CRM, finance and supply chain services can support the industry’s transformation to digital, as well as reduce costs, improve customer service and build customer loyalty.

Client benefits

Increase throughput through shared services

Companies can benefit from shared service distribution centres, increasing throughput and reducing unit costs of distribution.

Drive efficiency and productivity

Services can be centralised and employees multi-skilled in a range of distribution duties, adding diversity to their everyday roles.

Allow more focus on core competencies

Outsourcing distribution and logistical services allows media and entertainment companies to focus on their core competencies.

Proof points

Arvato is part of  Bertelsmann which includes the world's largest trade book publishing group Penguin Random House and the international printing group Be Printers. We design, print and produce everything from books, brochures, posters and payslips, to direct mail and dunning letters.

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