Under the Civil Service reform agenda, the UK public sector is facing renewed pressure to embrace digitalisation, operate more efficiently, improve services and achieve significant cost savings.

Central government departments are exploring how they can benefit from new technology operating across multiple channels, increased collaboration and new approaches to partnerships with the private sector.

Playing a key role in delivering Next Generation Shared Services (NGSS)

As a delivery partner of the Cabinet Office’s Next Generation Shared Services (NGSS) strategic plan – which aims to achieve savings of £400m to £600m per annum from back-office costs – Arvato is already playing a key role in making this happen.

Arvato operates the government’s first outsourced Independent Shared Service Centre (ISSC1), through which we’re offering a flexible shared services solution for central government clients.

Under the framework contract for ISSC1, Arvato is able to expand business by taking on additional outsourced government business, as well as competing for new work.

As part of ISSC1, Arvato has been providing back-office services for the Department for Transport (DfT) since June 2013. We provide HR, payroll, finance and procurement services to the DfT and its executive agencies. Arvato currently employs more than 200 people at the site in Swansea, South Wales.

We’re continuing to engage with government to:

  • deliver service improvements while offering value for money
  • facilitate collaboration and a standardised, more efficient way of working across departments
  • grant access to flexible, innovative technology platforms
  • train and empower employees to identify and deliver improvements

Client benefits

Delivering more with less

The standardisation and centralisation of back-office services, such as HR and finance, delivers substantial cost reductions.

Access expertise through shared services

By sharing services, public sector clients benefit from process improvements and economies of scale.

Proof points

Arvato operates the first Independent Shared Service Center (ISSC1) on behalf of the UK Government.

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