The NHS is facing significant challenges in meeting challenging financial targets, while at the same time maintaining the quality of service it delivers to patients. Support services in the NHS, such as HR, must not only demonstrate value for money and meet their own annual budget savings but should also enable front-line services to take forward the changes needed to meet future demands. To protect and invest in the front line and reduce expenditure on the back office, an increasing number of health sector organisations are now looking to outsourcing HR services to an external provider, as well as sharing services and collaborating more closely with each other.

We combine back office and HR expertise with health service experience

Arvato UK’s HR and Learning and Development services, in the health sector were originally established in 2006 as Cheshire HR Service an ‘arms-length’ organisation hosted by East Cheshire NHS Trust. The service was acquired by Arvato in April 2013, as part of a contract to provide professional, transactional and operational HR services to East Cheshire NHS Trust and other clients from the NHS, local authorities, and health and social care bodies. Our client list comprises more than 50 health service organisations, including hospital trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Commissioning Support Units and national bodies, such as NHS England and Health Education England.

Our HR consultants, administrative professionals, and learning and development specialists are highly skilled in shared services and people management, with a 20-year track record of success.
Having worked across a wide scope of health service settings for more than two decades, we are uniquely positioned to understand the complex range of HR issues that health sector organisations encounter.

Technology-enabled transformation

Arvato has been innovative in developing and investing in the roll-out of technology solutions that drive service improvements and realise demonstrable efficiencies:

  • HR Direct – an easy to use one-stop-shop information portal for HR information and resources to support and increase line manager capability, and reduce the administrative burden on HR professionals thereby increasing strategic capacity
  • WIDW Workforce Information Data Warehouse – a sophisticated set of easy-to-use  reports and dashboards to help managers drive improvements in workforce management and productivity
  • HR Vision – a workflow system integrated with NHS systems that underpins Arvato service delivery, aimed at ensuring efficient, effective and right-first-time processes in an easy-to-use and accessible way for managers

All our innovations in technology are designed and implemented taking a user-led approach, recognising the unique needs of managers and staff working in the NHS.

Comprehensive framework contract

Arvato is the single supplier for a comprehensive framework agreement that enables NHS bodies, including hospital trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units to purchase any of our HR services without going through a lengthy and costly procurement exercise, enabling a quick, tailored solution.

Client benefits

Achieve significant cost reductions

The standardisation and centralisation of key back-office services, such as HR and revenues & benefits, deliver substantial cost reductions.

Access insight and expertise through shared services

Through shared services, outsourcing delivers clients insight and expertise into process working, together with economies of scale.

Free up resources for strategic activities

By outsourcing back-office services, increased amounts of resource can be devoted to more strategic activities.

Proof points

We have more than 20 years of NHS experience and knowledge, and serve over 50 health service clients.

We delivered 7-10% efficiencies for East Cheshire NHS Trust year-on-year, totalling cost savings of £2m over a four-year programme.  

Bespoke versions of our HR Direct portal have already been sold to and implemented at nine NHS organisations nationally, serving a user base of more than 34,000. 

We won the 2014 HSJ Value in Healthcare Award in the Value and Improvement through Outsourcing category in partnership with East Cheshire NHS Trust.

Under arvato’s leadership Cheshire HR Service will enhance service offerings, drive efficiencies and deliver significant cost savings for East Cheshire NHS Trust underpinned by investment in technology.

John Wilbraham, Chief Executive, East Cheshire NHS Trust