The retail sector faces significant challenges, driven by fluctuating consumer confidence and significant changes in spending habits and shopping methods.

  • Growth in sales is difficult, forcing retailers to focus on customer retention, brand loyalty and improvements in margins.
  • Companies must understand and embrace customer purchasing behaviours, adopting an omni-channel approach for sales, customer service, delivery and returns.
  • Successes in e-commerce can be delivered with advanced and aligned business processes that ensure a seamless customer experience.

In the global environment online, brands need to be flexible and appreciate local cultures, customs and languages in order to meet customer expectations.

An omnichannel, 24/7 approach to help retailers thrive

Arvato works for large retailers across the world and our ability to connect different business processes puts us in an ideal position to help companies in this intensively competitive sector. Through our acquisition of Netrada in 2014, Arvato has become one of Europe’s leading providers of integrated e-commerce services.

Our omnichannel, multi-lingual approach allows our clients to engage effectively with their customers around the world throughout the entire sales cycle.

From e-commerce platforms, to loyalty programmes and customer services, to financial solutions and supply chain efficiencies, Arvato can help retailers adapt and thrive in today’s economy.

We’ve created a white paper on how retailers can make the transition from multi- to omnichannel customer service, create a single view of the customer, and change technology, processes and people, to provide the highest possible customer experience. The paper also looks at how new technologies like Artificial Intelligence can lead to a more proactive approach to customer service.

Click here to download our white paper for free.    

Client benefits

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

Delight your customers by providing the appropriate channels and language options to deliver a great service throughout the shopping experience.

Deliver cost savings throughout the entire value chain

Through the integration of services such as e-commerce platforms, warehouse management and product distribution, as well as financial solutions and customer service, Arvato can deliver significant cost reductions.

Drive efficiencies in e-commerce delivery

Integrate direct-to-consumer delivery and returns with other logistics provisions to free up capacity and increase efficiency across the supply chain.

Proof points

We improved Gumtree’s cash flow by improving collection rates by more than 200% in a 12 month period and collecting around 70% of outstanding debts within a short timeframe.

Arvato works with six of the top ten ranked online shopping websites (Alexa 2014).

Our successful partnership with the internet pioneer amazon has been going for more than 10 years.

Arvato was named a finalist in 'Retail & E-Tail' at the 2013 European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Looking at arvato’s successful e-commerce partnerships we knew we were in capable hands: we clicked with arvato’s expert team straight away and feel they have the same culture and drive we champion.

Kristian Bromley, Managing Director, Firebox

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