The long term trend in the travel and transport sector is one of growth - more people travelling more often. However, cost, convenience and environmental concerns will continue to challenge this.

  • New market entrants promoting the ‘sharing economy’, such as Air BnB and Uber, disrupt well-established players in the market.
  • Customer loyalty will only be maintained as long as prices remain competitive, and environmental concerns continue to be an issue for travel companies with consumers and businesses demanding ‘greener’ travel options.
  • Social media continues to heavily influence consumers’ travel decisions, with 79% of people ranking TripAdvisor as the source of information most likely to influence choosing a hotel.

Improving customer relations across the industry

Internationally, Arvato works for many of the world’s largest airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirates. We support Europe’s largest frequent flyer programme and have partnerships with travel and transport-related companies, such as H.O.G. and Renault.

We know speed and flexibility are key, and our integrated IT, customer service and finance solutions enable clients to react quickly to changing industry trends and consumer habits. We develop the technology to help clients inspire their customers with engaging travel stories depending on their interests, and proactively engage with their customers across multiple channels.

Client benefits

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

Delight your customers by providing the appropriate channels and language options to deliver a great service throughout the booking experience.

Turning customers into advocates

A customer contact solution built on intelligent customer insights and offering additional services delivers a premium customer experience, turning customers into passionate fans of the brand.

Proof points

Our bespoke loyalty platform for Valero Energy Ltd.’s Texaco branded Star Rewards card based loyalty programme processes customer rewards earned in over one million transactions a month.

We created an innovative rewards shop for Emirates Airlines covering 60 countries.

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